Saturday, June 25, 2005

my first walk this year round the lake in Copenhagen

and another look in morning light
at the rose bearing trellis first seen below.
My first look at a texture, also seen below

and the old shops in a better light.

I was struck by the dappled shadows as I walked out of Brumleby towards Østerbrogade

I have to sit down every few hundred yards even after walking slowly at about 72 steps a minute (a military slow march tempo)

This footpath is nicknamed the Wedding Path because in the nineteenth century young people met each other on sundays when out walking here, and many house maids met their grooms here.

The lake is being cleaned up with pike set out to reduce the population of carp and these beds of reeds will naturally clean the water.

and at the next bench this young lady was busy texting,
the swan is bottom up feeding, and the "crooked" concrete slab as a statue that intrigues - or appalls.

The first ducklings I saw this year,

I think this camera deals with water well.

this new bird island suffered from cormorants nesting with their dirty habits.

and a little man learning to feed ducks and pigeons, and not chase them

I really wanted to photograph the flag - a red maltese cross on white ,
of the swedish freemasons on the danish main lodge building.

which was damaged by the nazis in WWII and now is well restored.

But the flag is so small that it looks like a storm flag.

I recycled some empty beer bottles I found by the lake into skimmed milk at Netto

finally at the ice kiosk in Øster Allée
a forbidden ice cream,
freshly baked waffle
and three scoops with lemon sorbet, and strawberry.


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