Tuesday, February 20, 2007

later 8 February 2007 snow

Merton House garden

ready to be chopped up to be steamed

see me

experiments with videophone settings for the kind of light

all taken within a few minutes

below my kitchen window

loking towards the west

due north

and north east

in the steamer reader to be on for 50 minutes
which is what the rice in the bottom section needs

still a messy spot on the tenth floor

and abretahe of fresh air whilsti get my breathe back and my heart rate down

looking south west

scratched graffiti
and down at the front entrance of Merton House
due west up Bosworth Drive

still missing a ceiling tile after the door telephone TV upgrade

the tiles are are in a safe place to the left in the firehose cupboard
with the risingmain from the rubbish bin room on the groud floor

looking east towards Chelmsley Wood

just a record of the rubbish
as I begin to go down ten floors

very few graffitit or tags

cigarette marked

outside the frontdoor

and the pub opposite

useful notice about the Fordbridge Residents Association
Fordbridge Residents Association - Google Search

the back door
just put my nose out

the new system works here now to get in

why do kids like to scratch the letters off?
it must take hours

still luxury to me
two lifts - odds to the left and even floors to the right

back up again

anf the light begiing to go

just compare the changes

or with flash

and I ate during the Deal or No Deal repeat at 18:05


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