Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Online Photographer: Big Sticks

The Online Photographer: Big Sticks: "And sure enough. So how did he do it, with the only 4-megapixel 1D? Well, take a look at his workflow:

1. Each image is sharpened upon import into Photoshop using the Photokit Sharpener 'Capture Sharpen' macro to recover detail lost by the sensor (effectively infinite number of photons, finite number of pixels).

2. Each image is then upressed using Bicubic Smoother in PS to give the pixel dimensions at 360 ppi.

3. The image is then sharpened for printing using Photokit Sharpener using the Inkjet, 360 dpi, Glossy sharpening macro.

4. The image is then exported to ImagePrint, a RIP, and printed on Stephen's old warhorse Epson 2400 using the appropriate color profile and ImagePrint to drive the printer.

5. The photo is then printed on InkJet Art Microceramic Lustre."


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