Thursday, May 14, 2009

jørn utzon

jørn utzon turns 90 today on Flickr - Photo Sharing!: "jørn utzon turns ninety today and the Danish press abounds with misinformation about this elusive master of architecture.

'the utzon center' in aalborg, denmark, opens today. designed by utzon with the help of his sons, claim the newspapers. impressive news considering his failing eyesight, not to mention the fact that utzon closed down his office when the production of construction drawings for kuwait national assembly moved to max walt's office in zürich in the mid 1970's.

the utzon center in aalborg is designed by kim utzon, his youngest son, who is also the architect behind another utzon news story today: 'jørn utzon designs 22 single family houses in skagen'. no, he doesn't. the son does. inspired by his father, no doubt, but a novel inspired by stendhal is not a novel by stendhal. it really is that simple.

another misunderstanding from today, and I quote: 'today the opera is being restored following the original drawings'. sadly it isn't. it is being restored to designs by jan utzon. his design abilities can be studied here: Las Pulgas

increasingly, I am reminded of the actions of nietzsche's sister and mother after he fell ill."


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