Sunday, June 26, 2005

Copenhagen town centre Denmark

On Thursday I went into Copenhagen center, I missed snapping a tourist guide in high hat and purple tails but peeped over his flock into the classical Domkirke

- the neo-classical cathedral was built to replace the medieval gothic one destroyed by the British Navy.

The bishop's palace above still has some english cannon balls cemented into the wall above the port (gateway to the yard)

Nelson's gunners must have aimed at the town's church towers and spires.

Next door is the Atheneum bookshop
atheneum international boghandel
where I have an account to settle for some dictionaries.

A typical early nineteenth century house wooden framed with brick facing, three floors and with steps down to the cellar or up to the first (ground) floor.

Note the angled corner (by law of the town council) to give better sight lines for drivers of horse drawn traffic and reduce traffic accidents. Only the oldest houses from before the fires have square corners.

bit of camera shake here

heading in
past philosophy towards the english department,

where Sidsel from Norway is queen.
My goodness - now 70 years of Penguin books and it seems like the sixtieth anniversary was only a couple of years ago.

out on the walking street
STRØGET a human statue of a cowboy.

A Dannebrog (the Danish flag) hangs as a banner above
where the farmers from the island of Amager used to sell their wares


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