Tuesday, July 19, 2005


seen outside the tax office in Musvågvej Copenhagen

made by
A/S Fisker & Nielsen

The man behind the machine was Peder Andersen Fisker. He founded the factory "P.A.Fisker, Electric Factory" around 1905. The main products were electromotors in sizes from 1/32HP to 3HP. After a few month, the shop foreman, H.M.Nielsen, went into partnership with the manufacturer,

Evidently based on the Belgian FN motor-cycle, 4-cylinder motor in 1903 and shaft drive.

The ivory yellow colour was usual between 1939 and 1945

only the saddle looks a little worn


my wheels are the shopping trolley on the right.

The taxman has been making errors since they got their new system in February 2005.

I have made two visits and still it is not right. One system pays out to her mother for our child's support and the other pays the allowance to which I am entitled to as a pensioner.

Because system two is out of synchronisation with system one they have sent me two unnecessary letters - so far.


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