Friday, July 01, 2005

3 zappers 2 phones 1 mouse 1 keyboard

snaps taken with the A925
cheapest keyboard hp
(chinese made and
no windows key)

surround sound set up screen

the Sony T610 phone with its serial cable is slower to upload
than the A925 with usb

but it has a more reliable connection
and a much simpler file structure

experimenting with a 30 watt lamp

snapped with the T610

great industrial design

the complicated side

and the simple side
the cover is on the edge of the laptop

one tv with two zappers

and 4 interfaces

(yes with old fashioned buttons on the set too)

thanks to SONY

my all time favourite zapper by SONY
beautifully curved to my hand

my Sony tv arranged above the line of sight of the Sony laptop

my window on the big world

and Le Tour de France next.

touch screen on the Motorola A925
and its chair to the upper left

zapper to the surround sound
not Sony

that blue screen is the surround sound set up

and half hidden the five button wheel mouse by Microsoft


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