Wednesday, June 29, 2005

home by bus

and I came out of the cabbage king's doorway to the bus stop opposite

Note the fine lettering beginning SUPER . . .

and the french bus stop with the city's arms of three towers - now a logo.

I snapped this bus and jumped on board

room for two big prams

But it was the wrong route OOPS !

ending up here

where Tuborgvej meets Tagensvej

all the blue paint is to help cyclists survive

the intersection.

Here the cycle path is broader than the pavement.

low sun means it is wise to drive with dipped headlights on at all times - now required by law.

the bus driver at work

Hellerip s-tog station has a new bus terminal

when you get on you clip and time stamp your ticket klipkort in the yellow box attached to the middle pole.

if you are quick you can use it as a return ticket too.

the bus I just got off.

I wrote.-
and some more nice snaps WAITING to be uploaded

I could put them on another server but it feels better if it was a pure blogger thinng. I WILL REBOOT AND SEE IF THAT HELPS.
not necessary user error - I found a hanging dialog box at the back.


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