Wednesday, June 29, 2005

by train and bus

and a comfy double deck bus number 15 from Trianglen, Østerbro, Copenhagen

Ryparken station at about 18:00
6 00 pm

large comfortable S-tog carriages
older but refitted

I got off at Nørrebro station
and the shadows are getting longer

this is called the højbane
the high railway
at about third floor height

The fruit and vegetable shop I am going to is under my feet.

I love this train shed
like a toy from the 1930ies
but wooden scandinavian style
when in england it would be of iron
The limitation of the camera is all too clear
I could see more detail in the shadow peeking down at the street
before taking the lift.

the upload photo button seemed to be broken
or is there a quota for space?
mysterious? in the BAY ?

and the answer was user error
the posting window was at the back - argh!!!


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