Sunday, June 26, 2005

sunday stroll

I was asked to collect Manja's bicycle from the baker's shop where she works.
It had been forgotten
in the rush to get
to Roskilde festival.

this is Jill from Hayes near London UK,
an expat neighbour in Copenhagen

and this dog illustrates how wrong you can be
when you first come to a country and can't read the language

I thought this memorial was for a faithful dog which was not allowed to be buried with its master
in the church yard behind.

no way
the memorial is for one LAURITZ SMITH

Dyrerettighedernes filosof

who taught a sense of responsibilty and an ethical duty towards animals, and as a priest in 1791 first proposed the protection of animals by law.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, RSPA was founded in 1824.
1857 lov om dyremishandling
1875 Foreningen til Dyrenes Beskyttelse i Danmark..

This SMITH surname may be of a norwegian and scottish connection.

He is buried behind the memorial in the corner of the church yard

You can see this fine little camera is not quite good enough for recording memorial inscriptions.

After getting the bicycle I sat down in the shade by Fredensbro.
Manja has longer legs than me so I could not ride it home.
I have not been on a bike for 20 years and need to reach the ground
for safety's sake.

Tha bakers shop was just closing so nothing much to photograph and it was in a bad light too. I need to go back at 7 or 8:00 am one morning.

This is a typical yellow brick appartment house from about 1900. Yellow clay and chalk under Copenhagen, just like London, so very hard water too.

The red bricks were glazed and caught my eye.

the shadow side is toward the lake and 5 floors is the maximum allowed in the old Copenhagen by-laws.

The dramatic sky over the bird island seems to herald a coming warm front, and made the bike pushing easier by shutting off much of the suns warmth - and ending the thermals which created the fair weather cumulus.

the curve of the lake's shore is quite like that in this painting from 1852 on my friends web site.

but not one building remains from the old painting.

I snapped this one because of the bedclothes hanging out of the window to be aired.

Five floors and a shop down in the half cellar.
Lofts getting to be converted too, i estimate about 1880ish.

On the wall of the power station in Øster Allée opposite the ice kiosk

(yes I slipped and had a Brumle )

This inscription really moved me when I first came to Copenhagen

Hans Henrik Gottschalch died fighting for his country the 11 March 1945

Hans-Henrik Gottschalch var medlem af "Gruppe 1944".

Den gruppe der tirsdag den 17. april 1945 tømte Det Tyske Handelskammer for papirer, herunder Carl Mogensens korrespondance med Det tyske Handelskammer.


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