Wednesday, June 29, 2005

my excellent doctor

You can see who lives on what floor
and danes all put their name on their letter box, or front door

my own reflection.

thank goodness a nice elegant lift, elevator

inspected and certified about every three years.

the third, fourth and fifth floors are private residents.

Two doctors share the second floor.

An attractive modern staircase,
which a young man ran down quicker than the lift bearing me down.

a year or so before I run down, let alone up these stairs again.

My doctor's secretary is a fully qualifed nurse and does the usual tests and so on.

I give her my medical card which she wipes through her card reader.

Hint to Tony Blair not id-cards but medical cards is what we need in UK, and the same database listing names and addresses for medical insurance, taxation and voting rights AND EVEN AS A LIBRARY TICKET.
SEE CPR number

I only went by to get weighed
177 kg 800 grams
up about 1 lb

Kristin Øhrn (kvinde)
(born in Norway ) 1956
Østerbrogade 45,
2. tv
2100 København Ø
Telefon 35 26 50 00
Tidsbestilling kl. 8-13, (phone to book appointments
onsdag dog 16-18 open surgery
Sekretær i praksis

Uddanner læger (she trains young doctors for general practice after their hospital studies are completed)


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