Wednesday, June 29, 2005

outside my door

This is at the corner of the gable of block F in Brumlæby

The last of the wild roses - now they make rosehips.

These were planted for good luck outside viking homes - and the juiced berries are a good source of vitamin C. Name?
Hyld, elderberry, Sambucus nigra.
and thanks to Hedvig
see Paghat's Garden: Black Elderberry Myths

My neighbours children may play freely in front of the old wash house for block G, no more coppers, but now home to modern washing machines and tumbler driers - and some parked bicycles.

These dogs are sensible sitting in the shade

A great drying day and a neighbour sitting out and enjoying the sunshine - with enough breeze to keep cool.

This rose needs dead-heading.

I learned to break off the fertilised and fading flowers to stop rose hips and seeds forming - thus the rose blooms and buds until frost starts.

I prefer to stay indoors and cool too in this weather.


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