Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Motorola Mobile Phones and Phone Accessories and thanks to FERNANDO B AND Panagiotis G AND THE on-line support center
with installing, uninstalling, reinstalling the updated desktop suite for A1000, I have backed up my A925 phone (the CVD softyware never really worked well)

and found these photos and downloaded them
and blogged them here.

The worst problem was finding the paths on the phone,
once on and connecteed by USB
on the phone screen
you have to :-

(1) click top right corner the little box icon
(2) click desk top suite
(3) click Connect
(4) click done

ON the computer
the mRouter icon changes from two dashes to a zig zag

(5) click desktop suite or
(6) click Motorola Desk Top Suite

(7) click file browser

and yes you see an icon Internal Memory

(8) do NOT click from here in but:-

SELECT Internal Memory icon (disk C in the Symbion OS)
then hit RETURN KEY

(9) SELECT documents icon then hit RETURN KEY

(10) SELECT media files icon then hit RETURN KEY

(11) SELECT image icon then hit RETURN KEY

(12) SELECT unfiled icon then hit RETURN KEY

(13) then I drag and dropped the jpg into a dated folder on my desktop and browsed them with IrfanView

then I blogged them here in the usual way PHEW
(took 10 days to get sorted)

and here are the pictures:-

June 19 2005 08:03 am and I am sitting on the bench under the chestnut tree at Østerbrogade at about number 57
looking towards old Copenhagen and the south.

Øster- = eastern - this street started at the old east gate (Østerport or Kastellet) of Copenhagen
-bro- even some danes get this wrong, short for brolægt = cobbled by a brolægger

-gade = street or road
also in York England Butcher Gate
which word is a surival from the danish kingdom of York (JARVIK) and (KNUD) Canute's rule of England and the Danelaw

This street goes south into Store Kongensgade which was cobbled in 1663
1663 fik Oberst Ruse Befaling om at brolægge Store Kongensgade
(Del V, bog I, kap. IV) O. Nielsen: Københavns Historie og Beskrivelse.

looking towards the north
(and NETTO)
June 19 2005 08:03 am from the bench under the chestnut tree at Østerbrogade at Sankt Jakobs church - note the wall of the church yard.

Towards Strandvey the beach-way towards the ferry to Sweden and Norway.

and June 24 2005 15.50
(3 30 pm CET)
visiting Gry for a lunch in honour of Kenneth's birthday, with her mother and her daughter Freja.

I forgot to photograph Kennneth
- maybe cause he looked tired, or I because was very tired.
Out in the mid day sun


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