Tuesday, June 28, 2005

roses and shopping

Whenever I come out
I see these roses I planted 10 years ago.

THIS WAS taken a few days ago, BUT
only now I am getting used to photo-blogging.

I am not certain of the names of the varieties of the roses.

Netherlands from Netto
Red Peace Herzdame (Queen of Hearts)
hybrid tea rose with large red blooms

and a red
Floribunda Rose

The aim was to stop cars parking on the lawn
but some football playing boys killed the nearest rose, also a Golden Rain bush.

A burned out photo of the yellow bush rose

There was also a white Karen Blixen rose, a Queen Elizabeth rose
and a yellow and pink Zigeuner - killed by over pruning by a neighbour.

Manja's bicycle outside her home.

Note the vine
growing well and setting grapes.

A neighbour has a good red rose climbing high.

Two more roses, big sister Gry and her daughter Freja

Last week went by the head office of KRAK the maker of vejviser since Hans Holck in 1770 published the first Vejviseren over København.
A directory of about 20000 people, if all were included
They have a private museum which we could not see.

I want to get them to publish a historical selection on the web, say every 10 years.

In UK we have our Digital Library of Historical Directoriesorganised by the University of Leicester

I walked out of Brumleby at Østerbogade 57 turning left - - -

and past Skt. Jakobs:
Østerbrogade 59,
2100 Copenhagen

from Kirker i Danmark - en billeddatabase
thanks to DIS-Danmark for the picture

park cinema Copenhagen

Park Bio - Østerbros eneste biograf Østerbrogade 79
from 1926

and into the local Netto to the right up the same steps.
Østerbrogade 79, 2100 København Ø

4 litres of skimmed milk for a week

and some very fresh vegetables, including the best and freshest cauliflower I have ever bought

BUT disaster out at the check out
I ran out of money and had to give back the chicken "thighs" and some other stuff
- well that should help the diet!

Nettos hjemmeside

the greenish light from the tubes
fools the eye but not the camera.


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