Wednesday, June 29, 2005

on my way to the doctor

This SIGN is on the gable of blok D at the Østerbrogade 57 entrance to Brumleby

the red lines are blocks - the darker ones represent the gardens.

A - E - J - K

B - F - L - M

C - G - P - O

D - H - P - Q

- - - - - R - S

My own one place study of Brumleby
AKA Københavns Lægeforeningens Boliger

This was a bathhouse.

Behind that on the other side of the street are two copper clad spires on the corners of a side street.

Ornamental towers and spires are very much a feature of older Copenhagen buildings, and because, in general, no houses are over five floors, they can be seen from afar with the church towers above the walls like a medieval town.

long stemmed roses

turning right towards my doctor, or Copenhagen centre.
note the street furniture,
the town's standard bench with cast iron ends and wooden seat and a new design of litter bin with a hinged lid.
(used by fly-posters here)

The combination of concrete slabs and cobble stone lines (strictly speaking granite setts) means that when a cable is to be laid or renewed the pavement is merely lifted and afterwards relaid on new sea sand by the paviours or brolægger.

A traffic warden in summer uniform.

Notice the broad cycle path to his right, he is in fact close to the edge of the pavement.

The doorway to the apartement block where my doctor has a surgery on the second floor.

I am reflected in the left hand glass panel


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