Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Nimbus Motorcycles Frederiksberg

Nimbus Motorcycles were built by Fisker & Nielsen of Denmark. eindex.html: "The Nimbus motorcycle was built by Fisker & Nielsen in Copenhagen between 1934 and 1960. F&N was mostly known for their excellent vacuum cleaener, Nilfisk, but they also built motorcycles. The telescopic front fork was invented by F&N and the Nimbus Model C was the first bike in history that was equipped with one.
There are different oppinions about this though and the glory could actually be BMW's. The latter at least introduced the oil damped telescopic front fork for sure though.

Regardless, today the telescopic fork is the rule of all motorcycles. A total of 12.000 machines were built and 4.000 of these are still on their wheels all over the world. Most of them are, of course, in Denmark though where many clubs and smaller firms are keeping the machines alive.
Nimbus (latin for the Gleam of Beams or Halo) was used by everybody and you can encounter a wide range of special purpose machines (like the Animal Ambulance or the Anti Tank motorcycle with a 20mm automatic cannon mounted on a sidecar frame). Nimbus - The Motorcycle of Denmark, is loved by its owners and soon received the affectionate nickname 'The Bumblebee' for its cosy but rather discrete rumbling and humming engine sound. "


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