Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Emdruplund Kaffe - a planned walk

I am going to walk to Columbusvej 1. 2860 Søborg
the route by car
I have enjoyed their MOCCA BRAZIL coffee for many years and am drinking it right now
The route I will take on foot looks good for snaps opportunities too,
crossing a wetland habit which fills up with migrating birds, and is part of the sluice system forming part historical outer defences of nineteenth century Copenhagen - in response to the shelling of the town by the english fleet under Lord Nelson

Emdruplund Kaffe - Google Search

does not have a home page?
more than 62 links in google

Emdruplund Kaffe Risteri - Google Search

Emdruplund Kaffe Risteri, Telefon:, 39673218. Columbusvej 1. 2860 Søborg

Did you mean: Emdruplund KaffeRister - did not match any documents.
KaffeRister - Google Search
do it yourself roast your own coffee beans and mills them too

Kafferister + kværn
quern - Google Image Search

kværn - Google Image Search in danish the slang usage predominates a motor bike

accidents of surfing the net
danish speed boats trying for


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