Wednesday, October 26, 2005

walking to be fit

Total Jobs: "Work:Life balance is the holy grail of the 21st century. Everyone wants it but most of us don't come close to achieving it. While the government sits down with trade union leaders and the CBI to discuss plans for changing work patterns, there are instant actions you can take. Try the following eight steps recommended by Totaljobs' panel of experts to improve the quality and productivity of your life.

Walk to work

Amazing though it seems, the more exercise you take, the more energy you'll have. It raises your endorphin levels too so you'll enjoy work and play more. For people with very busy lives, spending time in the gym may not be feasible. If you live within reasonable distance of work why not try walking - it's the best fat burning exercise there is! If work is further away then put your hard hat on and cycle. Saves on transport costs and you'll have that warm glow knowing you're doing your bit for the planet too." snipped

or cycle like many Danes do
Of course I have been spoiled all my life
because my hobbies tend to turn into gainful employment

Appreciate yourself

Look into the mirror at the beginning of each day and say these words: "I am a unique person. Today I will make the most of my gifts and talents and share them with the world". A spot of positive thinking never harmed anyone...

read the whole by Helen Beckett lon


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