Tuesday, October 11, 2005

blank walls

these Brumleby apples need to be picked ,
but this blog is about the blank wall, the gable, at 230 Widney Lane, Solihull

and my yellow roses, Golden Rain, have reacted well to my early September pruning.

one solution would be to grow vines.
black grapes do best here

but the Halfpenny Green people should be asked which is the best variety for the local climate.

this is the old bath house with Virginia Ceeper

street furniture

bench by Østerfarigmagsgade Skole

a detail of the construction

Virginia creeper again in Sølvgade

Rose trained up a house wall on vertical battens
Botanisk Have ( Hortus Medicus the fourth Botanical Gardens, of Copenhagen University)
(my typo Botaniske Hav now corrected by my eagle eyed correspondent, TAK, read as the Botanical Sea)

mature ivy

mature ivy getting ready to bloom in October

roses in Fredericiagade

note the underplanting of lavender
which smelled wonderful.

Virginia creeper rules OK !!

a painted gable is another solution

just rent an artist

one enormous climbing rose in Store_Kongensgade Copenhagen

the same rose gives me pleasure evey year

often glimpsed from a bus

behind the Law Courts more virginia creeper and a "linoleum house" (patterned brickwork)


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