Thursday, October 06, 2005

a long walk about 5 miles or 8 km

a map
Kort over Kalvebod Fælled

I travelled out by Metro from Nøreport to Vestamager Station

to the right I saw a hare
just like the Dürer

and my long shadow

Next I walked past some more sculpture
Alfio Bonanno - Google Image Search

Green Art Mission
På Vestamagers flade strand er et vikingeskib strandet, en skov blevet væltet og nøgne stammer svedet sorte. Himmelhøj er navnet, og stedet er til børn og voksne, dyr og fugle. Værket ar skabt af landart-kunstneren Alfio Bonanno

and out past Naturcenter Vestamager

naturcenter vestamager - Google Search

to commence the a long straight walk down Granatvej (about 3 or 4 kilomters to the sea)

to my right the sun went down behind Avedøre power station on the next island

just after the moment of sunset

these blurred black cows were knee deep in the mist and bawling occaisonally

their stink filled the reans

Safely held in by an electric fence,
one made a play attack with thundering hooves and made me jump,
but just stopped short of the fence behind the reeds

next I turned left along Elvehøjvej to Søndre pumpe
past lots of wading and water birds
mange vade- og svømmefugle som ænder, skalleslugere, lappedykkere, svaner og blishøns.
which I could hear but not see

Søndre pumpe
where I sat on the steps by the drainage canal and I saw a shooting star and wished.
I think I glimpsed the Milky Way, but there was still too much light pollution to be certain.

Hejresen på Vestamager
Søndre Pumpe som er en af to pumpestationer der holder vandstanden nede på Vestamager

Then I turned homewards towards the glow of the city lights east then north o along Kanalvej

I walked out to Kongenlundsvej and buses

and close to Goudavej I found this traffic victim

stopped as if in mid gallop

Nøraagersmindevej I rode bus 36 to Tårnby station

I really liked this bench for a sit down
25 minutes to the next train

just in case you had not noticed, street furniture is one of my blog themes

this train went to the airport and to Sweden

blurred because I was using night shot

all about the beauty spot
Hele folderen i pdf-format (770 Kb) view at 400%


and the archeology with old and new maps
refer to
inddæmmede del af Kalvebod Fælled Tårnby (Kastrup) sogn, Sokkelund herred, Københavns amt

a danish Gallery of wild life:


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