Monday, September 26, 2005

Clutton bunfight

soup of the day
which was served within five minutes of my arrival

mine host rushing around with a print out of our orders which we had submitted by email
Hunters Rest Inn Menu

I ordered this fish pie and it was delicious *****

Giant sized pastries, with tasty fillings of MIXED SMOKED FISH - smoked haddock, trout and salmon in Cheddar sauce £8.25

my nighbour, Kathryn Schmidt, clicked me on the phone cam
with my tie a present from Berlin
given to me by my daughter

cider BROADOAK PHEASANT PLUCKER 330ml 6.0% £1.05 brewed by Broadoak Cider Co., Clutton
local brew but pasteurised not scrumpy
Address: Cider Mill, Clutton Hill Farm, Kings Lane, Clutton, Bristol, BS39 5QQ
Phone: 01761 453119
The Pheasant Plucking Song

resident dawg

a bit too exciting for one spouse
and time for a nap

Lee Paltridge
from New Zealand

delightful views across the Chew Valley to the Mendip Hills beyond

Josephine on the way home

Saturday, 24th. September 2005 at The Hunters Rest, Clutton

and thank you Jane McCredie, for the lift back to Bristol

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