Saturday, September 17, 2005

on the way home

I forgot which way the 57 went, so when it headed out of Solihull towards the Coventry Road, I changed buses at this bus stop, which is on the anteclockwise ring road - that bus takes about two hours to circumnavigate BRUM

I have always liked the sculptural concrete of this junction

the steps go down to the middle four lanes of the road past BHX airport to Coventry and London

I am on the middle level and above me is a gigantic roundabout for local traffic

smaller office buildings are getting converted into appartments, but these?

autumn berries on the mountain ash tree

my father planted two rowan trees at 230 Widney Lan, Solihull
but they died after about 35 years.

Out of view to my right is STAPLES
Staples South Yardley
1507 Coventry Road
South Yardley,
B25 8LW

the next bus stop by this police station

It has a bus approaching board

which did not list the little white bus, which rattles along about 5 minutes in front of the competition.

on aboard the little white bus


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