Sunday, September 11, 2005

grey sunday morning

I am holding the phone-cam high over my head.

The computer monitor is still under the tea towel I use as a dust cover
back in 1996 we wanted tailored covers for our Macintosh SE FDHDs

it still works too

In the right hand window you can see the busstop from this bog Friday 2 20 to 3 20 pm and an email from Copenhagen

This shows the route I took turning left out of our front door

and passing on my left

this corner of our garden

then across this lawn by the bus stop
walking from right to left
down the path with the brown fence

I see my neighbours ae still in bed
about 8:00 am
I slept long after watching Joe Calzaghe boxing from Cardiff on TV

I enter this picture from the right
along the edge of the carpark
and turn left just before the white van towards the doctors.

this is from my kitchen window
I walked to the big tree in the top left corner

the road is Crabtree Drive

the site of Roundmead
yes that was the demolished old peoples home.
Bosworth Medical Centre,
16 Crabtree Drive,
West Midlands B37 5BU
1. (416880,286890) WARWICKSHIRE

I meant

Use streetmap X=416883 Y=286894
to link to this map. no footpaths though

I like this photo better
the long shadows of the tower blocks show it was taken at about 600pm gmt
Roundmead is clearly visible (click on the tiny camera icon)
Location: United Kingdom Grid ref: SP170870
Postcode district: B37 5BX
(map centre) X: 417000m Y: 287000m
Lat: 52:28:50N (52.4807) Lon: 1:45:04W (-1.7511)

and this is what I call my machine park
in my kitchen
3 toasters, 2 microwaves,
1 sandwich toaster, 1 breadmaker,
1 salad centrifuge, 1 balance

the big clock is because I am short sighted



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