Saturday, September 10, 2005

Friday 2 20 to 3 20 pm and an email from Copenhagen

from my email:-
How was your check-up with your doctor?
Do you get out one hour every day?

so I thought that I had better make the effort - and this blog is the result

How much have you lost now?
I am very impressed that you can do this!!!!!

When this bus came by it seemed HUGE.

the bus is four stops from the branch library and five from the shopping centre.

Turning 180 degrees on the same spot and looking towards the eastern facade of Merton House.

Count four floors down to the seventh
and from the left :_
4 windows to the enclosed balcony of a two room flat.
3 windows to a bedroom,

1 slatted window to the rubbish chute
1 window to the hallway with lift and stairs, and the lighter dot is a safety light on at all times.

3 windows to my daughter's bedroom
3 windows to my bedroom with the cardboard sunscreens
( in fact I use it as a bed sitting room which saves heat in the winter)
4 windows to my balcony with the garden seat,
in front of the living room used for temporary storage.

The northern side of Merton House
to find my kitchen window count down four floors and it is to the left.

The two black dots are ventilation to a cupboard in a kitchen unit which has been replaced, also by my refigerator, and now is merely a drafty corner.

The second doctor's surgery on this site is being demolished after about thirty years use.

Outside Bosworth Medical Centre, which is the third surgery to be in use here, I met my own excellent doctor, Dr William John Phillips MBChB who qualified in Birmingham in 1971 and joined the practice in 1974.

He showed me his daughter somewhere on this website
Voltigieren pur - Willkommen auf der Homepage von Anja und Sylvie Barwig about vaulting horses and their riders, and he said that when he got home he had to exercise their horse that day.

At my 3:00 pm appointment
I asked to be tested for gout. (Bloog topic)

Emerging from the medical centre I turned right and entered the car-free zone

The benefits of the policy of selling these houses to tennants can be seen at once.

That is the ninth and tenth floors of the north-west corner of Merton House behind the row of houses.

The corner of the next row of houses

Typical bedding plants used in municipal parks too in England

A small fuschia enjoys a warm corner,
and the hydrangea which flowers pink or red on acid soil and blue on alkaline soils, is a traditional plant by the front doors of older cottages in the villages.
later from my email
Not quite like that. My Readers Digest garden book of flowers says:Blue varieties do not thrive on alkaline soils, pink varieties should have limestone added to preserve pink colours

I would name this dog SPOT
He was friendly at first but begin to bark when I held the camera over him.
So this is from a safe distance.

The next open space
with a badly made panorama
The single floor bungalows to the right are for old people

After walking diagonally across the grass and looking back 180 degrees. I can see this spot from my kitchen.

Lots of hips on this semi wild rose bush

Time to go home from school with shiny new uniforms less than a week old.

There are football fields about 500 yards away near the swimming pool.

retracing my steps.

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Not all the gardens are so coiffeured, but this wild place has a certain charm with lots of places for small birds to nest.

I am surprised by the big fuchsia to the left
they grow wild in the hedges of Ireland,
where the winters are very mild because of the warmth from the gulf stream.

Fuschias are usually grown as pot plants in the midlands and so there must be an excellent microclimate here.

The entrance has been upgraded over the last five years, new steel door and doorframe, a good door telephone system and a tv monitor.

From left on the first floor
there are three windows to each bedroom and two for the hallways and landings
3 room flats to the left and 2 room flats to the right, all with kitchen, bathroom and seperate toilet.

The ground floor was the first doctors surgery, and is now a doorman's cubicle and a service area.