Friday, September 09, 2005

fast food for lunch again

the rice to be steamed is in the oval plastic dish to the left,
I control the quantity (less than half a cup of dry rice) by the home made measure cut down from a green plastic throw away bottle.

The two very large plastic jars came from the supermarket full of basmati rice.

In the one the right is rolled oats for breakfast (I add bran flakes or muesli to make variations) andin the one to the left rice enough for 5 or 6 portions.

the steamer base is prefilled with sufficient water

Ingredients vary according to season - today cans of tuna and english style baked beans and four vegetables
what I call US student food (as seen on internet recipes)

I placed the rice dish too close to the rounded edge of the work top, it fell off and had to sweep it up.

I think rounded edge work tops are potentially very dangerous in kitchens and could lead to serious scaldings. BAD DESIGN

the contents of the cans poured over the rice (after it had been covered with water) and the chopped onion and the whole carrot as the top layer

full steam ahead for 30 minutes
but it needed about 10 minutes more

I had cooked enough for two people,
so I served half of it up now and had the rest in the evening.

I often watch Bargain Hunt on BBC TV when I have lunch

I took a long time to get used to Tim Wonnacott but behind the silly mannerisms there is a vast knowledge and a quick mind.

I still miss David Dickinson

The bone handled pen knife is from the 1890ies, and was very desirable in my boyhood in 1945,
when the gadget for getting stones out of horses hooves could still be useful.


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