Saturday, September 10, 2005

Friday morning

What I saw from my bedside

you can see this is morning at about 5:30am
because of the brighter reflection under the clouds,
and on the very high ice crystals from the sun below the horizon.

I am experimenting with a different composition.

I could see a lot more in the dark bits but the idea of this blog is only to post unretouched photographs - snapshots -

I promise this will be the last food blog
here - I will put them over in my bloog
in future along with my weight, mw-ville stuff and links to other peoples blogs.

The raw onion is perfectly paletable wrapped in lettuce, I usually keep at least four kinds of vinegar and two of the finest olive oil.

I need cider vinegar, and english malt vinegar, and as my yeoman ancesters have drunk home-made cider since before our family history began it seems I have inherited that taste.

On a sunny day the light is too strong so I use pieces of old boxes as sun screens.

You can see them from outside in the second snap of the blog below

at the Oval
the problem of cricket is all that waiting abou, which bored me to death as a child during compulsory schhool sport three times a week.

Anyway I had no talent for that game - or any other ball game.

So I did not watch much, except when rained off
the commentater who talked about the industrial cameras hidden in the fibreglass stumps was much more interesting than the game.

I know I can see the TV schedules perfectly well on line but I enjoy reading the Radio Times more, so that is the only newspaper or weekly I ever buy regularly.

Coffee after lunch as usual.

I enjoyed watching England lose to Ireland, and to Denmark, because I lived in Belfast for 3 years and Denmark for 25 years and I am eleventh sixteenths of welsh descent anyway.

So a WIN WIN !


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