Sunday, September 18, 2005

Jailbreak 2005

I thought these guys were on the way home from a demo !

I met Arran Ludlow-Rhodes,
Chris Staples, Richard Walmsley and Dave Tracey
on the forecourt of New Street Station, Birmingham

Beacon Radio Jailbreak
18.09.2005 - .. at The Quarry Shrewsbury

Challenge yourself to return your team of 4
to The Quarry from a secret location.
Cash prizes.
Funds will go to SAFER & Hope House Children's Hospice.
More: Shropshire Ambulance First Emergency Response (SAFER)

Participant teams of 4 will be taken to a mystery destination from where they will try and return to the start point in the shortest time.

A Cash Prize of £400 will await the first (Non-Cheating) team home, other prizes will await the best fancy dress and most unique mode of transport. Jailbreak 2003 raised £21,440 for excellent causes, we want Jailbreak 2005 to be even more successful.

Hi SANTA !!!

these four young ladies called out to me

"Santa what am I going to get for Christmas?"

not a team tho'


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