Saturday, September 24, 2005

Clutton walk

what do you think these two ladies are saying on the bus from Bristol, Temple Meads?

The bus stop is after Pensford past the A37 / A368 roundabout
at the high wall protecting the orchards of (I think) Cholwell Hall
Today young do graffiti and tags but in old days scrumping (stealing) apples from orchards was fun.

King Lane, Clutton Hill,
X: 363000m Y: 160500m
shows Chelwood House and that the North Somerset Railway was in a tunnel under here

this derelict post box
is not more than about 50 years old.


country fruits

good for jam making

and pies with apple

rose hips make a vitamin C rich syrup found in old style cough medicines
Vegetable Medicines: "Super-C Soup
1 cup seedless rose hips
1 quart water
2 tablespoons honey (or more for a sweeter soup)
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon yogurt or sour cream
Soak rose hips in water overnight. The next day, simmer the rose hips, water, honey, and cinnamon for 30 minutes. Remove from the heat, cool slightly, and whirl in a blender until smooth. Chill and serve with yogurt or sour cream, if desired."

walk back towards Bristol
and turn right
K. S. NOT LEFT :-)

and again turn right up the lane towards Nap Hill

I find peace in the lanes, last year it was raining
but I didn't care

this footpath over the stile leads back to Clutton

another good source of vitamin C for the winter

elder: "The elder shrub (Sambucus nigra L.) has long been famed as a source of the blue-black berries used to make elderberry wine and jelly. More important, its berries and flowers have been used medicinally for centuries to fight off respiratory infections and other ailments."
elderberry wine - Google Image Search

My mother showed me how to spot bird's nests and here is a highway for foxes and badgers.

bracken or fern?
the geometry has always facinated me

We are looking back at a great hedgerow oak.
Farmers planted these for their descendants to use to repair their roofs, or make furniture from the mature timber.
Patriots planted oaks for the future of the Royal Navy of HMS Victory,
England's Wooden Walls

Hart's tongue ferns
Asplenium scolopendrium

the camera auto-focussed on the bracken filled hedge
but I wanted to the first touch of autumnal colours in the valley bottom to be sharpest

note the convex slope which a sign of a landscape made by water, here eroding the limestone (for a soldier dead ground)

the dark coppice but the camera made it lighter

for me this is like a model garden, and
a few stones japanese style would complete it

this coppice is a bit neglected but provided the poles used in gardens,
where today we use bamboo or even plastic tubes

I made this lighter to show the strata in the dark bank to the left

the camera adjusted itself for the dark picture

water coming out of the ground

a spring?

Fry's Bottom Wood and the site of Fry's Bottom Colliery is hidden to the right

this was the start of a very long and steep climb up Nap Hill
and a good heart lung work out

another spring

and just before the triangle at Kings Lane and the left turn to the The Hunters Rest Inn
a 4 x 4 stopped,

and it was Richard Stevens to the rescue
Trampolines, Pedal Go-Karts, BalanzBikes, tricycles and other outdoor-toys
Pensford, Bristol
Utcombe Toys
Utcombe Farm
Stanton Wick
BS394DB 01761 490604
Active Leisure UK
his toy shopwe are new on the web he said

he had given Kathryn Schmidt
a lift after she walked up to his farm to ask the way
(from Australia)

his 4 x 4 exits left

the bunfight awaits

two spanish chestnuts which I found in the lane,

and my train and bus tickets


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