Monday, October 10, 2005

On my way to Netto to buy green stuff and fruit mostly,
I saw that Halloween:
"Svenska (Swedish) n. - allhelgonaafton 31 okt."
is getting closer

Halloween Allehelgensaften Madopskrifter:
Alle Helgens aften
Pumpkin Pie Pumkinpie Græskartærte Græskarpie
recipes mad Opskrift Opskrifter Madopskrift

"Halloween opskrifter" another example english words pushing the danish Allehelgensaften aside. A hallow, or holy, eve befoe All Saints' Holy Day

And we sort our rubbish here in BRUMLEBY COPENHAGEN DENMARK
firstly at my kitchen door to paper or compostables or waste

another skip for garden waste
and here a dump for the bigger stuff

you see even a classic Arne Jakobsen chair "liberated" from the film school (branded underneeath)
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