Thursday, October 13, 2005

weekly weigh in

This is the other side of the former bath house
Brumleby, Copenhagen now an appartment and a shop at Østerbrogade 57 2100

The evening sun is low at about 4:15 pm

(the estate had outdoor toilets and no baths until the last renovation which was finished in July 1996., before that we used the swimming baths, Øbro-hallen, which had wonderful BIG baths in cubicles in the cellar, or one of the town's other bath houses)

yes I went by the doctor
170.6 kg

but I climbed two and a half flights of stairs to get to the surgery
non stop and first time for years I did not take the elevator / lift

I was puffing and blowing but that is natural

When you get better muscle tone the rate of weight loss slows becsause growing muscle tissue replaces some of the burned up fat on the scales
where I post my weigh ins
in this hierarchy
the big thingy


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