Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Liebherr Crawler Crane LR 1750

sunset at Østerport
two pieces of the new langeliniebro are in position
the 10 wheel tractor is ready to push
the third of 162 tons on two trailers to the crane

advanced parking in reverse gear

the crane has been turned ready for the third lift

and the transport wagons are lined up for the tear down and move back to Germany

another LR 1750 is for sale
about 21 million Danish kroner
€ 2.850.000,--net ex location NRW, Germany

LR 1750: "The crawler crane LR 1750 is perfectly suited for applications in power stations, refineries, bridge construction sites and the assembly of wind power plants.

The 750-t machine can be universally applied due to its 140 m main boom, 105 m luffing fly-jib, 21 m assembly jib and derrick attachment, as well as 400 t suspended counterweight or ballast trailer.

Compact dimensions of the crane components and moderate individual weights allow a highly economic transport of the crane to the building site.

The 750 ton crane can also be operated as a 'Pedestal Crane' with outrigger supports, featuring a support base of 13 x 13 m. Lifting capacities can thus be increased by up to 370%."

* scale model * Liebherr LR 1750 Raupengittermastkran 1:50 Conrad #: "Liebherr LR 1750 Raupengittermastkran"

lr 1750 crane - Google Search

Franz Bracht Kran-Vermietung GmbH

Erwitte verstärkt seine Raupenkranflotte. Ab April 2003 ist der Liebherr Raupenkran LR 1750, max. Traglast 750 t stärkster Kran bei Bracht.

Mit Schwerlastausleger bis 133 m, 105 m langem Nadelausleger, Derrickmast mit bis zu 400 t Schwebeballast sowie der Raupenabstützung ist der LR 1750 von Liebherr universell einsetzbar. Mittels moderner Montagetechnik ist der Schwerlastkran - ja nach Ausrüstung - in wenigen Stunden aufgebaut oder in Transportstellung abgerüstet. Kompakte Abmessungen der Kranbauteile und moderate Einzelgewichte ermöglichen einen wirtschaftlichen Krantransport zur Baustelle.


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