Thursday, December 15, 2005


from 1810

I walked down Fiolstræde to the corner of Krystalgade in Copenhagen

(AKA Skidenstræde)

rebuilt in 1734 after the 1728 fire the timber frame bindingsværk should have been covered by brickwork but was not.

In these streets designed for pedestrians and horses the corners were rounded or angled to enable the carters to see opposing traffic and avoid collisions.

Universitetsbiblioteket library collection from 1428 burned in 1728 and next was hit in 1807,
these elegant cast iron columns of the university library from 1855-1861 used to house Humanoria and the newspaper archive. The architect J. D. Herholdt was inspired by a church in Verona

Selskabet for Københavns Historie - more and links


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