Friday, December 02, 2005


I intended to shop in ALDI but they closed at 1900 so I ended up in Netto the ALDI store locator said 800 metres so I hurriedly took a bus to Landskronergade correctly spelled Landskronagade but walked back and so only walked about one mile today

en passant:-
DR Nyheder Online - Indland - 269 svindel-sider: "269 svindel-sider" with misleading URL
Liste over falske hjemmesider false home pages with dk domain

It was difficult to find suitable subjects for snaps on such a cold and dark night
but my return route came by here

ISO historie

Fra 1995 ISO butik på Østerbro i den gamle kaserne på Østerfælled Torv

the old cavalry barracks is now shops, offices and small theatres

when I got home I tried on my new fur hat, inside out and 100% polyester , and cravat (30 dk kroner each from Netto)

Aries favourites 100% polyester fake fur original knitwear


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