Saturday, November 19, 2005

Ryvang Naturpark

I had a shower but was too slow to see the actual sunrise at 7:55 am
so I went for a walk before breakfast

about 10minutes after sunrise

pigeons on Brumleby fluffed up and waiting for something - the sun takes about another 30 minutess to start warming us up

and I took bus 15 to its terminus
World War II bunker
home to someone with Netto bag and beer
poor graffiti

stile for children to climb in with pet goats
KEEP OFF THE WALL of the War Memorial and note the elegant lettering from the 1950iesthe entrance to Mindelunden from Tuborgvej

steps up by the railway bridge

and the Alle blogged twice before

ryvang naturpark - Google Search

mindelunden - Google Search


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