Tuesday, November 15, 2005

sport Østerbro Copenhagen

the grand entrance of Østerbro Stadion
from Østerbrogade
in a sad state

with architectural mayhem

the kitchen door to the restaurant and discoteque
and the unloading bay for NETTO

B. 93 the club for tennis (850 members) and football (600) established in 1893

after voting we came out here,
the two indoor tennis courts with the round roof
are likely to be the first to be demolished because a new club has opened

see Svanemølleanlægget

the pub has 12 tv sceens

beer and football

making for FAT Danes

an american theme with a ship model hung up (like the nave of a church)

mine host told me he is the star in a film coming out soon

I thought these were cannon balls when I first came here

and there is a pistol range in a cellar
in fact tennis balls

a nice little bar in the tennis hall


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