Wednesday, November 09, 2005

359 lbs was 410 lb 11 February 2005

Better Ideal Weight Body Calculations

Set your own diet goal somewhere between a medically-recommended weight and a weight that your peers would hope for

my doctor said today 162.8 kg was the least weight that she has on her records for me

How did I do it ?

life style change
less food but unlimited quantites of high fibre stuff
like greens, fruit and ryebread

gentle walking
no elevators
25 stone 9lb

need to halve that at 6 foot or 183 cm tall

tables created by the Metropolitan Life Insurance company in 1979
for management of thjeir exposure to risk

171 lbs is suggested Devine formulas
Metropolitan Life Insurance company in 1979
168 - 193 lbs

current Body Mass Index is 48.7 kg/m2

Ideal body weight formulas by Broca and Devine


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