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slim dairy

Adequate calcium and protein (not more than 200 grams protein a day because any excess is merely excreted) is essential.
I certainly eat a lot of skimmed milk and modest amounts of cheese
I was in LIDL and thrilled to get some KVARK AKA fromage blanc AKA KVARG which is fermented skimmed milk

Rockford's Newspaper Rock River Times rockford illinois news information: "Two separate clinical trials of obese . . . adults published recently in Obesity Research(1) reveal that including three servings of dairy daily results in greater fat loss and in either keeping or increasing lean mass. When following a reduced-calorie diet, participants lost twice as much weight and fat when consuming more dairy."

thanks for link from Lesley W on Google Groups :
is a biased view of milk although some truth in what is said - but I will dispute the conclusion (all milk is unhealthy)

Dr. Werner Zabel is one of the most famous European nutrition oriented doctors. He is a cancer specialist and director of his own famous clinic in Berchtesgaden.

In his clinic all patients are given what Dr. Zabel calls an optimum diet. Number one source of protein in this diet is what Europeans call "kvark", a homemade cottage cheese, made from low-fat, raw milk.

Kvark is made in the following manner:-
Lactobacillus acidophilus culture is added to fresh raw milk.
When the milk is coagulated by the action of the bacteria, the cream that settles on the top is removed and all the curds are separated from the milk by running it through a fine sieve. The resulting low-fat cottage cheese is a very natural, unheated product, a very easily digested protein of the highest biological value.
A pint of such cottage cheese contains about 100 grams of protein.

Of course, in European clinics, they also use the whey, which is the liquid that is left over after the curds are taken away.

Whey [skimmed milk] is an extremely important food.
It contains the minerals of the milk and the milk sugar, lactose. It also contains a very important substance, orotic acid, known to help in the regeneration of a damaged liver.

and this kind of mono diet is dangerous and boring
my mother lived to be 90 years and swore by a GOOD MIXED DIET (ie fruit, vegetables, meat, bread, diary products) wine and sprits too
personally I seldom eat yoghurt prefering to keep to low fat cottage cheese and skimmed or "mini" milk.

"Quark" is spelled "kvark" in Swedish and does mean a type of curd cheese. ...

творог pictures best for russian pages rahka and finnish too


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