Monday, October 31, 2005

Walking again from Brumleby to Charlottenlund

leaving BRUMLEBY
(link to previous section of my tour)
I turned left past St Jacobs church and one of my favourite benches
I use after shopping at NETTO
here election poster get strung on lamposts -
- some people would like to do the same to the politicians !

a third wheel added to his father's bicycle

this Christiana bike has been customised with plastic grass and sheep

click for the big picture to see the sheep more clearly

OFF THEY GO click for the big picture to see father and som more clearly

they have been to see this remake of the 1953 film Far Til Fire at Park bio

googled warning achtung 8 more in the old series -

On August 3 2005 I blogged this long walk
yesterday I repeated it and it went much better

(open this link in a new window to compare the pictures)

snaps: Walking 6 kilometer = 3 3/4 miles to Charlottenlund last summer

Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads and Kafe Kaper

by the pigeons
the bench I had to sit on in the summer
even more local election posters

two unemployed Australians could not get a job, so they started their own business inan old shop Nyelandsvej 65 2000 Frederiksberg

and did all their own painting and decorating too

this sign has been repainted though

Taste why we´re the talk of the town

this tower is to let smelly air out of the sewers

the yellow bindingsværk
or timber framed house was for tram passengers and crew.
at the Sporsløjfen - the loop to turn the trams and connect with the tram sheds - now a sports hall

the renovation of the Svanemøllen S-tog station seems to be done


you can see the roof of the old barracks

Svanemøllens Kaserne

local train to Klampenberg

click for the bigger picture

train to Sweden via Copenhagen

the north bound Malmø to Helsingør express

I love these big feet which some artist is painting around the town,

here on the Østerbrogade railway bridge
at Swanemøllen S-tog station

Ryvangs alle with the barracks
Svanemøllens Kaserne out of shot to the left

still surviving

below the bridges you may glimpse Tuborgvej

behind the trees is the Ryvang memorial for Danes executed during the occupation

the names include:-
202 executed close by
31 from the concentrations camps
151 who have no known grave

Mindelunden i Ryvangen blev indviet den 5. maj 1950 som minde for faldne danske modstandsfolk under besættelsen 1940-45.

Mindelunden er placeret i Ryvangen

Just past Hellerup station,
I had to sit down here for the first and only time,
to take a stone out of my shoe

this guy had a bike made like a small chopper with pedals

I felt no need to sit on the low wall for a rest
Cote d'Ivoire
the garden of the Ivory Coast embassy after sunset with their empty flag pole.

this hut in Tranegårdsvej
used to be the "Cranes Nest"
Trane Reden

a traditional bar

a shaky picture of a garage

do it yourself
this weekend
fixing panels

circular saw attahced to the tralier as a work bench

this house was ready for Halloween
(in Germany Reformationstag commemorating Martin Luther)
see Public holidays in Germany - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Last summer when I got to these lights (which I had forgotten about) I was exhausted and very disappointed not to be at my last road junction. This time went much better and I has only sat down once instead of fopur or five times.

and my destination

with a warm welcome

and thank you for the Ted Hughes poems
Remains of

Later I went home by s-tog and hurried onto the departing bus 21 instead of 1a at Hellerup station,
so I walked from Tuborgvej past Instituttet for Blinde og Svagsynede, Blindeinstituttet Rymarksvej 1 2900 Hellerup
to get bus 15 from Ryparken home.

the three small fountains were turned off

They spring from three boulders situated in a bed of pebbles, and normally they provide an audible clue to help the blind people orientate themselves to or from the entrance.

when I got home I ended up watching the first half of the King Vidor film of 1925, Big Parade silent with text in German

text image made by accident from the clip board in IrFan view

which I use to review these blog images and adjust the gamma in the darker pictures

IrfanView - one of the most popular viewers worldwide


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