Monday, October 31, 2005

Brumleby autumn

I love these yellows and the faded greens
and the flat low sunlight throwing sharp shadows.

Halloween now

an house plant running wild?

the Swiss hut
used for recycling stuff

I admire this sturdy well pruned rose
almost a tree

look carefully and you can see how the steering machanism of this long john delivery bike works

long-wheelbase transport bike from

made in the Netherlands?

the expensive vernacular oak furniture loved by grandparents is now so much junk - but will it be the antiques of the future?

the blue grapes left to rot on this vine
just like France

getting a bit too chilly

probably this year's last evening o sit out in the setting sun

notice the sleeve on the bottle to keep her beer cool and her fingers warm

a french bulldog puppy about 9 months old

a secret garden
with its gate made from a child's bed

and this tea house
in the danish kolonihave
Østerbro København

Copenhagen Denamrk

junk after the weekend clear out
my walk continued


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