Thursday, November 03, 2005

shopping for cheap vegetables

first by bus 15 from Brumleby

there are always the two free newspapers at Ryparken Station after they are "sold" out in the city
MetroExpress and URBAN

DSB count passengers once a year by handing you a card on departure and collecting it on your arrival in those boxes

No no NON to the escalator to the right
I climbed the stairs - thirty nine steps - or was it 42?
I forgot to count. My legs were good after all the exercise

looking at the motorway to Lyngby

then to Nørrebro by S-tog

No train from Hellerup yet
- not enough leaves on this track to cause traction problems

snaps: cabbage king - this old blog shows where I went to get this lot for only 40 kroner or $ 6.50 or £3.50 (and SE og HØR cost 23.75 kroner)


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