Saturday, November 05, 2005


The cheapest ryebread from NETTO has to be cut up - so I found this guillotine
in a skip - the thickness measure and finger guard are missing, AKA Raadvad rugbrødsskærer and it still does the job, but I store it seven feet up, in case a child should get hold of it and lose some fingers.

Fresh ryebread is so tasty that the nineteenth century danish farmers, in order to economise, used to store it for a month before letting the servants have it, and my faeroese fisherman friend from Nolsóy used to say that it was more healthy and digestable when that old.
As a child born about 1910 he had to quern the grain by hand between two stones until he had enough to fill a biscuit tin for that day's bread for the family. Their home had an early form of central heating - cows in the cellar.

I had my first Prestige pressure cooker in 1960 and this enables me to do quick low fat cooking.

When I get very cheap vegetables obviously they don't keep.

The three lettuce for 15 kroner below needed the brown bits trimming off and chopping up into small squares, then with two of the peppers diced, a carrot and an onion, they went into the cooker with a stock cube and a small measure of rice, and some frozen fish, liberally flavoured with paprika, chilly powder and ground white pepper which made for a very very tasty low calory dish.

Mega delicious - another of my master soups - lettuce with pepper.


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