Wednesday, November 23, 2005

grey dawn Hundested Denmark

the end of the line from Hillerød but in the 1930ies the Frederiksværk-banen boat trains used to go to the right onto the quay by the ferry to Grenaa

(Grenaa Hundested Færgefart)

and on to Aarhus and Jutland

RØRVIGFÆRGEN sails betweeen Hundested and Rørvig across the mouth of Roskildefjord

off she goes and an older narrow ferry is moored to the left

one of about ten fishing boats licensed for in-shore net fishing

ten large fishing boats are in another part of the harbour

and the pilot boat awaiting a customer

Hundested train - Google Search

street furniture and a place to sit outside the ferry booking office and terminal

more typical light railway rolling stock crossing the main street after meeting the next ferry

seen from the car park of Super Best Nørregade 11 3390 Hundested

shunting after the rush hour

5 large diesel locomotives for hauling steel plate traffic to and from Frederiksværk

modstandsbevægelsen Frederiksvaerk - Google Search

the picture below is gamma corrected

Hundested - Google Search

hundested - Google Image Search

modstandsbevægelsen hundested - Google Search


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