Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Rådhusplads København

this tree of white wrapped twisted wire made me think of a sprig of freesia flowers in bud

I was on my way to Atheneum international boghandel
one of my all time favourite book shops

Nørregade 4-6

and across the Old Square to Strøget

the danes take the heart as a theme for decorations from their royal and national coats of arms

On the top to the right the famous web cam of Politiken is looking down at me

Rådhuspladsen nu

I used to be much too busy in December as a musician with 20 or 30 Yule Concerts and carols, or later as a taxi driver, ever to stand here before in more than 20 years in Denmark

three trees for the three towers of the Copenhagen arms on the Town Hall

waiting for the 5:00 pm bus
gave me time to look at the tree

two nissen in a glass case under the tree

collecting for children of Copenhagen since 1898

the red and white hearts are flat - they should be pockets full of sweets

see papirklippesider

To achieve this long walk without a rest means my health is getting better.

I am sorry that I was too tired to complete this on the day, because there were many failed uploads of pictures by blogger


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