Saturday, November 26, 2005

Albatros on the hot line

the tent covers part of the future Langeline bridge
which is being painted at Østerport station

I had the crazy idea of photographing the sunset on the fjord at Frederikssund so took the s-tog about an hour before but at Ballerup we were transfered to a bus særkørsel

queue on the corner

this bus took us to all the stations which were closed
because the power lines were brought down by an ultrlight aircraft (not a glider as misreported)

all change at Ølstykke

Not being in a hurry I enjoyed the circuitous route

the view from the footbridge at Ølstykke

by now we are one hour late and the line has reopened

I walked down from Frederikssund station to the East quay
now housing but a couple of railway lines and a few bollards remain of the working harbour

on the way back Xmas JUL is here
all lit up

POL webcam link Rådhuspladsen with no tree yet

but a nice tree here
on the way home from S-tog by bus 1A
Magazine du Nord

these images below are copyright their owners

the pilot walked away from this - slow speed crash - no fire
this type of ultralight costs 100 to 150 thousand danish kroner

26. nov Fly rammer togkabler
Et såkaldt ultralet fly fik ikke luft nok under vingerne og fløj ind i s-togskablerne ved Kildedal Station. Piloten slap dog med skrækken.

Et ultralet fly ramte i formiddag køreledningerne til s-togene ved Måløv nord for København.
Flyet var netop lettet fra den lokale flyveklubs bane ved Kildedal, der ligger lige ved togstrækningen.
Formanden for flyveklubben Albatros,
Freddy Adelvard, oplyser, at vinden fik fat i flyet på en uheldig måde, da det netop var kommet i luften, og derfor ramte flyet køreledningerne.

CPH History : Weather Underground

wind direction

SW then WSWS and then calm then SE

The Danish text tells the reader under which conditions he can get a Danish ultralight flying license and the estimated cost and how beautiful it is flying UL.

We are located about 25 km west of downtown Copenhagen.
We are about 125 members including around 40 UL pilots, 25 passive members and 60 Radio Control (electroflyer) pilots.

On the aerodrome, there are about 10 Ultra Lights parked, including RANS 6, N3-PUP, Challenger, Z-MAX, Allegro 2000, Savannah and Flightstar. The planes are using our 280 meter airstrip 09/27. On the map you can see the exact location. If you are planning on going to Denmark, you are welcome to contact us for any help we can offer you. UL Flyveklubben Albatros

flyveklubben Albatros, - Google Search

Flysikkerhed (FLYSIK):
I think Prince Charles trashed a plane with a down wind landing once too

on the Scottish island of Islay where the Prince crashed his jet. It was hushed up and kept from the tabloids, though. Seems that he was told by the tower to "go around" and make another approach, but made a downwind landing anyway, overshot the runway and put the jet into a peat bog. The impact apparently was enough to tear off the main gear and send the nose wheel up into the cockpit, though all escaped injury. The jet's still there where they are building a hangar around it until it can be repaired

Dobbelt S-togspor til Frederikssund / New rails - preview (32 of 32)

s-tog train on fire

notice how they short out the electricity for safety on Frederikssund Station

(an exercise?)


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