Tuesday, January 17, 2006

weight training

I am expecting a guest to sleep here
next month - the chaos started on moving in day when some cases got dumped here and I was too weak to move them, and then more stuff got put here.

The cloth covers my LIDLSCOPE but the seeing has been consistently bad

when my mother died all her (and my) junk was boxed up for later sorting and brought here.

my exercise today has been moving boxes until I could get to the balcony door and uncover this boxed 21" monitor

I discovered all sorts of new treasures - 50 year old letter from her own mother and a copy of Record Review from June 1960 with the second article I sold as a free lance writer.

I moved more than half the boxes today, just like a body builder having a good upper body work out.

so soon I will again be able to eat breakfast on this double glazed balcony

On the way out I snapped one of my mothers old hats, and the bookcase built by my father in 1937 .
the books and magazines are of the same age and up to the 1950ies.

Now I was very dusty and tired and a hot bath was next


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