Friday, February 24, 2006

grey days

This morning we had a powdering of snow in Chelsmley Wood

the south of England has had two dry winters and is beginning to run out of water already for the coming summer.

weight wise I am having a blip
not enough exercise and going up and down around the 160 kg

I have been busy with an hour and a half on line at Solihull Central Library with see Ancestry Library Edition
which ProQuest has partnered with to create Ancestry Library Edition, one of the most important genealogical collections available today with unparalleled coverage of the United States and the United Kingdom and now Canada too. Its valuable content is a strong complement to HeritageQuest Online
distributed by ProQuest Information and Learning I used a draft email in google mail to take notes of LAPHAM in Canada

With two buses each way I got home quite exhausted and so am making slow progress with updating my master database for the LAPHAM one-name study

I in particularly am beginning to work with

You are here: Search > All Genealogy Databases L

Laphams in America : thirteen thousand descendents including descendents of John from Devonshire, England, to Providence, R.I.,

by Aldridge, Bertha Bortle Beal,.

published Victor, N.Y.?. unknown. 1953?.

in the library edition this link was broken so I had to go in as above
iexec/?htx=BookList&dbid=19594 is the reference number of the base

and change from dot com to the above

meanwhile my unquiet left leg wakes me up at about 2:30 am when I am alcohol free

which is why I am on line now


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