Monday, March 13, 2006

Heartland's Hospital and my sleep apnea two year review

a gust of wind blew Charlotte's CAP off close to the 97 bus stop

tea was served with thanks to the WVRS at Heartlands Hospital WRVS - News & features

first I was weighed (minus 20 kilo in two years)
then I filled in
Epworth Sleepiness Scale
(an online version)

Birmingham Heartlands and Solihull NHS Trust

Department of Respiratory Medicine, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital

Respiratory/Thoracic Medicine
a really lousy web site - I only wanted to check I spelled the names correctly.
no email for patients, and no list of staff with locations and telephone numbers and email addresses

Hospital Site Maps are too small for old eyes to read the lettering

Our website address is
Please update any bookmarks or links that use the old address. and you guys should ewrite a redirect on the old urls
compare with Forside > Om Hospitalet > In English

and Respirationscenter Øst
east Denmark's Respiration Centre
which also list the research being done at the moment
eg vægtprojekt blandt søvnapnøpatienter
obesity studies of sleep apnea patients

then Mandy checked my journal

but our seance was interupted by a genuine fire alarm - not a drill

back in her office Mandy looked at the blog pictures of my 10 year old cpap machine

THE BOSS Dr D Bannerjee Consultant Chest Physician

about 15oo machines are in use here


seventies chipped concrete

twenty first century style hospital architecture

if I get an acute stroke look for me here (I think my mother aged 91 died on that ward 2)

camera shake

children's department garden

this polar bear needed sun glasses too

seen in the children's department at Heartlands Hospital

classic english outside plumbing is very susceptable to frost damage


tv screen on the top of a double deck bus 169 to solihull

at the 72 bus stop in Solihull

we went to Maplin Stores > Birmingham Solihull to get a long ethernet cable which was not available in the Bull Ring stores

back in Bosworth Drive
a spilled take away

with very hot sauce?


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