Sunday, March 12, 2006

exploring brum

after lunch and a snooze we went into Birmingham and got off the 97 bus at the saturday open air markets (started in 1166) and then dropped into the parish church, St Martin's Church, The Bull Ring, to look at the thirteenth century memorial sculptures (which I forgot to photograph) only the tower remains of the old church and the rest is a victorian rebuild.

The Bells of St Martin's Birmingham "The Bull Ring"

wrought iron and lights

wonderful brass work of the eagle lectern

Kiran Kaur played whilst her Sikh parnets lit a candle

hinge of west door at St Martins parish church

"gas" light at Moor Street station

and I cheated the hills by taking the next train to Snow Hill and escalator up to the High Town

at the side of the Council House

gate to sculpture studio in the cellar of the old ?Midland Institute

the floozie in the jacuzzi got a bubble bath this saturday

Charlotte had started taking photgraphs by now
and I handed her my cell phone to snap me

jan kaplicky and amanda levete of future systems found inspiration for the cladding of SELFRIDGES in the texture of the compund lenses of the eye of a fly

after a long walk past decaying factory buildings the digbeth branch canal tunnel was revisited

Reclaimed and salvaged antique church and ecclesiastical fittings


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