Sunday, March 05, 2006

me in 1959

George Pollen took a few snapshots of the Royal Engineers Staff Band Aldershot

This must have been my Scheiber bassoon (with the Heckel crook) and I am practicing in Gibralter Barracks, Aldershot

George's dramatic pictures were a revelation to me and certainly have influenced my own photographic eye for the rest of my life.

An indoors day today so I though I would check my back up files for an old photo or two

I got the nickname Grin because I tried always to smile in adversity

I was recruited as an amateur tenor trombone player for parade duties, and trainee bassoonist, early in 1957.

One morning in band practice I played a loud wrong note on the trombone.

The Director of Music, Major Dunn, stopped the band and said,
"Watkins why are you laughing?"
I replied
"It was laugh or cry Sir !"

the band broke up :-)


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