Sunday, March 05, 2006

market day

yellow bus
Peoples Express - and the drivers get a move on

no football equals quick journey - about the same place as the Saturday queue in last weeks market day blog

to the markets and I start here because the heavy hard objects are best at the bottom of my bags in the trolley

as soon as he saw me he said "cabbages 50p"

two cabbages £1

I must eat at least 50 cabbages each year

in the winter I prefer not to eat imported lettuce

3 lbs carrots and 3lbs onions £1.20

the CABBAGE KING is very difficult to photograph because he never stands still

all these tomatoes £1

3 packets seedless grapes £1

the best tasting cheese in Birmingham

500 gram packet of grated cheddar cheese for 5op

cutting down on cheese helps me slim
I get my calcium from skimmed milk and low fat cottage cheese

a new stall holder sells black pudding too (blood sausage) and salami

bacon misshapes 2 packets £1

half a packet into the soup
the rest frozen down for 3 more weeks

apples £1 a layer

too many apples at 4:00pm

time to make apple purée and freeze it down

2 bags of apples £1

pound a box £1 a box

pound a box £1 a box

13 kilo boxes left over at 4:15 pm

"sweet oranges
maroccan oranges

the skins are marked
but only monkeys eat the skins"
traders shout

the market closes at four o'clock

£2.50 for about 100 oranges

time to get out my juicer and freeze lots of orange juice down

my five year old worn out trolley from NETTO in Denmark weighed 30 kilos
or 2.3 kilos empty the rest is green stuff

why do they have to pull the seats off the bus stops?

my fridge is full again

last weeks vegetables (and the dodgy tomatoes) ready to be sliced for the soup

after everything was unpacked and put away, this is what I ate at tea time

- a bit like the great apes who love eating fruit


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